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Monkfish Like Veal

Having eaten at Babbo a couple of times, and being armed with The Babbo Cookbook, Jamie and I decided to try our hand at an authentic Babbo recipe. After reviewing a few options, we settled on an interesting take on monkfish. Mario’s insight into the creation of the dish is interesting…

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Mike Just Back from the Italian Vacation

Jamie & I have just gotten back from our trip to Italy. It was a mammoth trip, with stops in Rome, and throughout Sicily at Palermo, Agrigento, Siracusa, and Taormina. We then flew up to Florence, and did Prato, Florence, Scandicci, Fiesole in Tuscany, before hitting Umbria. We went first to Orvieto, and then back-tracked […]

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Babbo Review and a Surprise

Jamie and I finally got into Babbo this past Sunday, May 4th. Having been well-armed with research and a list of signature dishes, we were ready to make the most of our experience. And yet, while we were well-prepared with a plan, we wanted to be open to the specials of the day, and anything […]

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