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Casa Mono Review

Jamie and I had tickets to Fuerza Bruta this past Friday in Union Square, and wanted to take advantage of one of the many fine dining experiences in the area. Still riding high from our Babbo experience, we were interested in trying another restaurant within the Mario Batali pantheon. We settled on Casa Mono, the […]

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Babbo Review and a Surprise

Jamie and I finally got into Babbo this past Sunday, May 4th. Having been well-armed with research and a list of signature dishes, we were ready to make the most of our experience. And yet, while we were well-prepared with a plan, we wanted to be open to the specials of the day, and anything […]

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Cocktails @Tailor: Bubble Gum 1, Mushroom 0

The Mushroom Margarita(Image Courtesy of CitySearch)

As a big fan of New York Citysearch, I always take note of their editorial suggestions. They’ve bailed me out on many an occasion, and between their editorial and user reviews, you can usually get a pretty good idea of what a place is like. They sent out a piece on Friday about the best, most unusual cocktails, and seeing as Jamie is a huge fan of “chick-coctails,” those Cosmo-inspired sweet concoctions, we needed to check out the flavors.

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