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Review of “The Wine Trials”

What if instead of reading one of the influential media outlets, such as “The Wine Spectator,” or Robert Parker in the “Wine Advocate,” you opted to invite 507 of your closest friends to sample over 6,000 glasses of wine blindfolded. Wouldn’t the traditionally more expensive wines favored by Robert Parker logically still come out ahead?

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Joel Gott 2006 Cab Meets Lamb Shoulder Chops

I spontaneously decided to cook up dinner for about-to-be-wed friends Steve Zeller and Dana Weisberg the other night. Steve’s request: “Some kind of chop.” Looking through the best “chop” pairing offerings at Beacon Wines, we came across Joel Gott’s 2006 815 Cabernet Sauvignon. Having previously been a tremendous fan of both his Zinfandels and his […]

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