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Green Tea Panna Cotta

Our old friends Hideko and Jonathan Colton invited us over for a very memorable dinner recently. Hideko is a real foodie from Kanagawa (Yokohama) Japan, who has also learned classic French cuisine, in addition to having a strong foundation in Japanese cooking. She also teaches a fun and delicious sushi class that you can read […]

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Nyonya Restaurant Review

Imagine taking cuisine from the Straits of China, crossing it with Malay influences, and throwing in some Indian spices for good measure. You would have the spectacularly unusual and tremendously flavorful food of Nyonya.

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Grab the Tiger by the Tail at Mai House

Another New York CitySearch Cocktail roundup notable entry mentioned “Mai House,” a great restaurant begun by Drew Nieporent down on Franklin Street, near other great spots of his excellent Myriad Restaurant Group, “Tribeca Grill,” and “Nobu,” both of which he had previously opened with Robert DeNiro. Good friends of mine are investors in the restaurant, and I’ve had the fortune to dine there a few times.

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