Review and Coming Next…

It’s been a great year – culinarily, your options definitely become narrower when your wife is pregnant and can’t stand the smell of just about any kind of food, cooked or not.

On the plus side, after personally ballooning up to almost 200 lbs. by hitting the pasta, risotto and vino in excess, I’ve started doing the Slow-Carb diet popularized by Tim Ferriss on his blog and in his book “The Four Hour Body.” Since going on that “eating plan,” I’ve lost almost 20 lbs., and feel completely different. I’ll be writing more about my experiences with slow-carb cooking over the next few weeks, with some recipes and tips.

In looking back, I’ve been able to post some great recipes that couldn’t be found elsewhere here and here, from my friend, Chef Piero Zani. I’ve also been able to write about one of our more memorable meals, the sublime Japanese cuisine at Morimoto. And Jamie & I were able to share our own culinary learning experience at the Institute of Culinary Education here.

Which leaves much to look forward to, as we await the arrival of Alexandra Lee Goitein towards the end of May (note video at the top of this post).

As always – foodie power & happy cooking!

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