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Monkfish Like Veal

Having eaten at Babbo a couple of times, and being armed with The Babbo Cookbook, Jamie and I decided to try our hand at an authentic Babbo recipe. After reviewing a few options, we settled on an interesting take on monkfish. Mario’s insight into the creation of the dish is interesting…

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Review of “The Wine Trials”

What if instead of reading one of the influential media outlets, such as “The Wine Spectator,” or Robert Parker in the “Wine Advocate,” you opted to invite 507 of your closest friends to sample over 6,000 glasses of wine blindfolded. Wouldn’t the traditionally more expensive wines favored by Robert Parker logically still come out ahead?

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Fruitbombs vs. Dirtbombs 1

I have to tip my hat this afternoon to my compatriot Alfonso Cevola, who has written a long, rambling post on the inevitable changes taking place in the Italian wine making industry now that big money has gotten involved in the process. This piece just absolutely blew me away…

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