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Guest Recipe from Chef Piero Zani – Tuna with Asian Spice

Back when I was the Director of Tennis at the Tokyo Bay Hilton Hotel (the official hotel of Tokyo Disneyland, about 20 minutes from the center of Ginza), there were a number of great restaurants there. High-level Japanese, gourmet Chinese, Indian, Korean Barbecue, and Asian noodle bar all were part of the well-run food and […]

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Mike Just Back from the Italian Vacation

Jamie & I have just gotten back from our trip to Italy. It was a mammoth trip, with stops in Rome, and throughout Sicily at Palermo, Agrigento, Siracusa, and Taormina. We then flew up to Florence, and did Prato, Florence, Scandicci, Fiesole in Tuscany, before hitting Umbria. We went first to Orvieto, and then back-tracked […]

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“Poco, ma Buono”

“Poco, ma Buono,” in Italian, literally, “Little, but Good,” is a deceptively simple phrase that sums up in a remarkably succinct way the Italian approach to so much of what is great in the wine, food, and culture. Take, for example, espresso (not “expresso”). Invented by a Milanese businessman as a way to encourage his […]

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