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Review and Coming Next…

It’s been a great year – culinarily, your options definitely become narrower when your wife is pregnant and can’t stand the smell of just about any kind of food, cooked or not.

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Green Tea Panna Cotta

Our old friends Hideko and Jonathan Colton invited us over for a very memorable dinner recently. Hideko is a real foodie from Kanagawa (Yokohama) Japan, who has also learned classic French cuisine, in addition to having a strong foundation in Japanese cooking. She also teaches a fun and delicious sushi class that you can read […]

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Guest Recipe from Chef Piero Zani – Lemon Tart

Italy is famous for having some of the best lemons in the world. From Sicily, all the way up past Naples, the lemons are legendary. Interestingly, the north of Italy has a unique microclimate that makes it perfect for growing lemons, as well. My friend from the Lake Garda region, Chef Piero Zani, has offered […]

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