About Mike Goitein

Born into a foodie family from Rome, and having traveled with the hotel industry throughout Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau), Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the States, I enjoy cooking and trying the full spectrum of culinary delights from around the world.

Mike in the  Roman ForumLuckily, here in New York, where I live with my wife Jamie, chains haven’t completely taken over, so we get a chance to try everything from Japanese bar food (Nagoya, Osaka, or Tokyo?) to Malaysian to regional cuisine from around Italy.

And we take the occasional trip, so I’ll be using this forum to review and muse on the best of food and drink that I come into contact with, hopefully making your life more delicious and rewarding, as well.

Mike and Jamie in Egypt

Mike and Jamie in Egypt

Currently Senior Project Manager at Usablenet, a global leader in mobile Web solutions serving 25% of the Fortune 1000, I’ve worked in the industry (publishing, ecommerce, technology) in some form or other for the past fifteen years.

The occasional Mac or WordPress reference may also come up, as the technology provides a handy way to help bring the message forward.